A Gift to our Community

Tuesday was another great day for evangelism and promoting our church in Viña Alta. We were excited to host a team of doctors for an all-day medical campaign and evangelistic outreach. God allowed us to assemble a huge team of workers for the day. Over 200 people were treated in a variety of specialties including ob-gyn, pediatrics, podiatry, dentistry, and general medicine. We were also able to offer free hair-cuts, family photos, and free medication. Everyone that came received a new testament and literature. More importantly, one-on-one the Gospel was shared with each patient. We rejoice that at least 9 people trusted Christ throughout the day!

In the afternoon a children's program was conducted on the soccer court. At least 70 children came and participated. My father even dressed up as a clown. (Although those of you who know him realize the costume wasn't really necessary for him to be a clown!) As the children had their activity a huge crowd of people gathered on the nearby bleachers to watch. We may never know how many people heard the Gospel during the children's club. We finished off the evening with an open-air meeting with preaching. We praise the Lord for all that was accomplished. In the days ahead we will be visiting all the families that particpated during the day.