We're so Thankful!

As believers, everyday should be thanksgiving day as we reflect on all the things the Lord has done for us!  This year will go down in the history books as a very special and memorable day for our family.  For several years we have been sharing prayer requests with you.  Today, we would like to share with you some special praises and answers to your prayers:

  • We are thankful for faithful prayer warriors.  Just a few moments ago we received word that our apartment in Peru is now sold.  The paperwork is completed and the check is on hand with our representative in Peru.   There were several complicated issues that came up in the last few days and we could see that God was truly in control of the situation or the process would never have been completed.  This has been a burden on our family for many months.  We are thankful to close out this chapter in our lives.  We felt it was amazing that it actually sold on Thanksgiving Day
  • We are thankful for our faithful supporters.  When we joined the mission as young people we were warned by veteran missionaries that many churches and supporters are not faithful for the long term.  The majority of our supporters have been with us for many years.  Most of our supporting churches have supported us financially for more than 20 years!  We thank God for their faithfulness.  God always provides our every need.  
  • We are thankful for good medical treatment.  When Debbie first fell ill back in 2014 the doctors told us that she might live less than a year.  Debbie still has major medical problems but with good medical treatment and with the Lord's blessings she has been stable.  She is getting very close to being put on the liver transplant list and we are thankful that God has lead us to a great team of doctors to walk us through this process.
  • We are thankful for open doors of ministry opportunity.  The ministry at EBI is not without obstacles, but we are amazed at the new ministries God opens up to us each month.  I believe that we are now poised for the most successful years in EBI's history.  One example happened just last week, at a counseling conference in Mexico.   Our materials were made available there for the first time and everything was greatly received and gone within minutes.  People are hungry for truth and God has placed  us in a place where we can lead people to truth.  

We hope you are encouraged, as we are as we reflect on the blessings of our Lord.