Learning to Trust

We've been especially "homesick" for Peru lately.  We miss our co-workers, we miss our church people, we miss our neighbors.   We miss the great Peruvian food.  We even miss driving in Lima's crazy traffic!  Originally, we had planned to return to Peru on August 9th.  We have so many things we want and need to accomplish.  We have ministry plans that we're ready to start working on.  Yet, God has been teaching us lately that we have to trust His direction and leading in our lives.

Until March 30th our furlough had gone exactly according to plan.   We had a finely-tuned schedule with seemingly every minute planned.  I have to admit we were pretty proud that all of OUR plans were working perfectly.  We had planned a perfect furlough and it was going great!  Then God saw fit to allow Olivia to have her first seizure.  It set into motion a chain of events that changed all of our plans.  Now less than a week from our original departure date we find ourselves relying on God more everyday.  Scripture is filled with stories of people that had to learn about God's sovereign, guiding hand.  I'm reminded of Proverbs 16:9, which says "A man's heart deviseth his way, but the LORD directeth  his steps."  We may not know exactly what God has planned for us, but it is always for our good and His glory.  I once again find myself thinking of that old saying, "I may not know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future!"  We are thankful that Olivia is doing well.  Plans for her treatment are coming together and it looks like we should be able to return to Peru just a couple of months late.  The events of the last four months were never part of our plans.  God used it to bring us closer to Him!

Today, Debbie brought home a wonderful surprise for the family.  At the local Food Lion she found a six pack of Peru's famous "Inca Kola".  As an added bonus it was on sale for 99 cents! That's cheaper than Peru! Imagine finding Inca Kola at a Food Lion in Lexington, NC!  Perhaps it was just another little way that God can show us He is control of everything.  It will have to help hold us over until we can return to Peru!