Wrong Number

Did you know that an average of 3 billion phone calls are made everyday in the United States.  That comes to about 34,722 phone calls per second!  I probably don't want to know how many of those calls are from telemarketers.  I would imagine with that many calls being placed everyday there is a good number of wrong numbers dialed.  Today I received such a call.   I answered with a simple, "Hello!"  There was a brief pause and a nervous voice responded, "I need to talk to someone, I have some questions about God."  The caller went on to ask many questions and listened well to the Gospel.  She has lived a troubled life and she felt like she needed someone to talk to.  I'm not sure why she dialed our number but I was sure glad I was able to share some Bible truth with a troubled soul.  She is just another lost soul in need of a Savior.  I took down her contact information and will follow up in the days ahead.  She may think she dialed the wrong number, but perhaps it wasn't an accident but a divine appointment from God.
Dr. Jack Hyles once said, "If I and a need meet, God must have had in mind my filling it."   May we all be faithful to do our part in meeting needs and seizing opportunities that come our way.

Here's a great tool you can use, even on the phone,  to share the Gospel with others:  
The Good Test