Peace and Security

The girls have had a hard time with the lack of "security" here in America. Our home in Peru is in a gated community with security guards. Our home has a security system, bars over the windows and many locks. It takes 7 keys to get into our apartment! Even our car has an alarm system and security laminates on the windows. We don't live in fear in Peru but we do take precautions.

When we arrived in North Carolina and moved into the church mission house the girls immediately noticed something was different. They had many questions: "Why is there only one key to the front door? How come nobody has a wall around their house? Is it safe to sleep here since there are no bars over the windows? Where are the guards?" We could understand their anxieties but we wanted them to feel safe in their new home. We talked about how this area is much safer and the extra security isn't necessary. We showed them how our room was just across the hall, and that everyone would be safe and sound in the house. We talked about how God ultimately keeps us safe. They listened but seemed a little nervous. Then they noticed something that made them feel totally safe. The house we now live in has a separate entrance for the church guest room that is attached to the end of the house. The guest room is right beside the girl's bedroom. The church has a new youth pastor and he and his wife are living in the guest room until they can buy a home in the area. The youth pastor's wife just so happens to be Olivia's teacher's aid. As soon as the girls heard this news they immediately felt safe. "Oh, that's great! Now we are safe because they are sleeping right there in the next room!" Now, they glance out the window before going to sleep to make sure the neighbors are at home. When they are, they go right to sleep feeling safe and secure. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me but they truly feel safe knowing that guest room is being used.  Elizabeth said, "It's because we just know they are there." 

God promises that same kind of peace to His children: Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. (Isaiah 26:3)  The world doesn't understand the peace that we have as believers.  We often try to create a peaceful and safe environment.  This will never work apart from God.  By watching our girls we've been reminded once again of a valuable lesson.  True peace comes from keeping our focus on God.  Life might sometimes be a little scary but we can find true peace in Him. We just need to remember we can have that same peace, "Because we just know He is there."