That was Real Sacrifice

We recently had the wonderful experience of going to Lima's port of Callao to see 12 beautiful tall ships. They were part of a regatta sailing to many of the major ports of South America. It was a beautiful day that we will not soon forget. (Our memories well be enhanced by the huge collection of pictures we took!) I couldn't help but think of all of the early missionaries that traveled to the field by boat. I remember reading how Hudson Taylor took nearly four months to travel to China. He even had to endure two typhoons where the ship nearly wrecked. Reading about the travels of early missionaries sounds fascinating and adventureous, but it was certainly never comfortable.

Now as we plan for our upcoming furlough I need to remember how truly blessed we are. Once we board the plane we'll be back in the United States in less than six hours. I guess we'll never really know the sacrifice those early missionaries made.