No More Secret Code

Our girls are a little more than four years apart. This means somedays they are best friends and other days they fight like cats and dogs. Somedays they share their toys like they should and other days they become very territorial. On a bad day they practically divide their room down the middle with the center almost like a demilitarized zone! Today Elizabeth received a magazine in the mail. This is always a special treat for her. She loves reading her National Geographic Kids magazine. However, It usually becomes a battle between the two. Today, trying to make sure there was no argument I decided to tell Elizabeth about her magazine by speaking in Spanish. I figured Olivia wouldn't catch on. "Elizabeth, tengo algo especial para ti. Hoy llego su revisita para el mes. " (Elizabeth I have something special for you. Today your magazine came in for the month.) Elizabeth grinned and said, "Gracias." Almost instantly Olivia jumped in and said "Hey I want a magazine too!" It was a moment of mixed emotions. It is good to see the girls learning more and more Spanish. (Elizabeth understands practically everything now!) Yet, now we can no longer speak in Spanish when we have something "secret" to talk about. Oh the joys of having missionary kids!

By the way. I continue to be scolded by grandparents. We'll try to have an extensive update on the girl's blog real soon!