Are you keeping in touch?

I read today in the Peruvian news that nearly 25 million cell phone lines are active in Peru. That is an impressive number when you consider the population is just under 29 million people. Just think, that means there are nearly enough cellular phones in Peru for every man, woman and child! In Lima and the port city of Callao there are more active cell phone lines than residents!

We live in a world where everyone wants to keep in touch. A quick google search brought up some interesting facts: Over 4 billion text messages were sent in 2008 in the U.S. alone. An amazing 210 billion emails are sent out on an average day around the world. Supposedly 3 billion phone calls are made everyday in the U.S. (that's 34,722 per second!) I probably don't want to know how much time is wasted "checking in" on facebook. We are a society that just has to stay in touch and know exactly what's going on every minute of the day. It's fine to stay in touch with friends, family and co-workers. Yet, how many of us spend an equal amount of time communicating and "staying in touch" with God? The Bible tells us to "Pray without ceasing." Do we? Here in Peru we almost have more cell phones than people. Communication is easier than ever. We have the same opportunity to stay in touch with a loving God. He's waiting to hear from us. Are we keeping in touch?