Trip to Huancayo

I recently had the opportunity to take a trip to the city of Huancayo located in the mountains east of Lima. It was amazing to go from sea level to nearly 16,000 feet in just a few hours. It was especially interesting to leave Lima with summer clothes on and step out of the car a few hours later into snow! The air pressure is so different that our potato chip bags blew open before we reached the top of the mountain. It was noticeably more challenging to breathe up there. I can now say that I've traveled on the world's highest paved road and seen the world's highest train crossing.

The main purpose of the trip was to look for fossils and investigate the area for proofs of the universal flood. A fellow missionary, Bob Whatley, will soon open a creation/flood museum in Urubamba Peru. We were able to locate and see lots of evidence for the flood described in the Bible. We saw massive ammonite fossils, and a host of other sea life left behind in the fossil record. Of course nobody needed to convince us that the Bible is true!

My travel companions teased me as I took nearly three hundred pictures in just a few hours. They commented, "You need to get out of Lima more often!" Peru is indeed an amazing country. Hope you enjoy the brief video showing a few of my snapshots.