Locked Out

Today was yet another good day of ministry with our visitors. We had a bit of a challenge today. When we arrived at the church our key would not work and we were locked out. Thankfully, after working for several minutes we managed to forcefully turn the key to get in. Next, we had to get a locksmith to come and work on the doors. One man said, "It looks like the devil doesn't want us going in the church!" We held much of our kids club outside at the park while the locksmith worked. Our group participated during our kids club by playing with the kids, sharing object lessons, and making a craft. During our adult service they did another chalk drawing, shared their testimonies and one man did a great job preaching with John interpreting. Today's highlight was seeing two adolescents trust Christ! It seemed today that each time we came to an important part of the service there would be lots of noise outside. The room was filled with many distractions. Yet, God stilled worked and we were happy with the results. Maybe the devil didn't want us to go in the church today. I'm sure glad we did.