Disney Peru

A new and interesting rumor is quickly spreading across Peru. El Comercio, Lima's leading newspaper has reported that the Walt Disney Corporation is in the process of purchasing land just south of Lima for a Disneyland style theme park. Last year Disney attempted to purchase Lima's largest zoo located in one of Lima's most crowded districts. It will be interesting to see if the rumor becomes a reality.

Peru does seem like a good place for an investment of this type. Last year Peru's ecomomy grew by 9.8%. Economists are prediciting the economy to grow another 5% this year even during the global recession. Once again we see another confirmation that God has placed us in a strategic area for winning many with the Gospel message.

UPDATE: It didn't take long for this story to make its way around the globe. Just hours after the story was posted on El Comercio's website a represenative for Disney made a statement that claims the company is not making plans to build in Peru or anywhere in Latin America. A Colombian investment company is supposedly investigating a theme park for Lima. It's unfortunate that true and good news doesn't always spread as fast as rumors! I suppose we are just as guilty for spreading the rumor. Our website had a massive jump in hits yesterday as people came to read about Disney in Peru.