Did you know...

  • Peru is home to the driest desert on earth. The Atacama desert in southern Peru has not received significant rainfall in centuries.
  • Peru is also home to one of the wettest rain forests on the planet. One place in Peru received over 49 feet of rain in a 12 month period making it the second wettest place on earth.
  • Peru is home to Cotahuasi Canyon. This canyon is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. It is considered by many as the deepest canyon on earth at 11,488 feet deep.
  • Lake Titicaca in southern Peru is the highest navigable lake on earth. It is located at about 12, 500 feet.
  • Mount Huascaran is the highest peak in the tropical world at 22, 205 feet.
  • Lima, Peru is home to the world's tallest water fountain (at 250 feet!) which is located in the world's largest water fountain park. (This is an amazing fact considering Lima is the largest metropolitan area on earth actually located in a desert!)
  • Peru is home to the world's largest river, the Amazon. This river discharges a volume of 7 million cubic feet of water per second.)
  • Peru is also home to the world' s highest railway pass, and the world's highest railway station.
  • Peru has the second most number of bird species in the world. The most number of bird species ever spotted in one day took place in Peru.
  • The world's largest rain forest is located in Peru.
  • Peru is the original home of the domesticated potato. Over 2000 species of potato are raised in Peru. In fact, 2008 has been named the "International year of the Potato!"
  • It wouldn't be fair to conclude without mentioning that Lima, Peru is also home to the world's largest roll of toilet paper. It's true! The roll is so large it contains enough tissue to last the average person 100 years!
These are just a few of the amazing facts that we've discovered about Peru. But as you know we didn't move to Peru because it is an amazing country. We came here because of Peru's great need. How about a few more things to consider that are much more important:
  • About 88 percent of Peruvians claim to be members of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Only about 15 percent of Peruvian Catholics actually participate or attend church.
  • The Mormons consider Peru one of their most successful mission fields. Lima is the second largest Mormon metropolitan area outside of the United States.
  • Many people in Peru have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel.
Peru is in indeed an amazing country. A country with an amazing need! Pray for us as we work to share the good news here in Peru!