A "Mobile" Youth Group

Several years ago some of our co-workers founded the Good News Baptist church located in a part of Lima called Musa. The church has experienced growth over the years and they have totally outgrown their church building. In order to expand their facilities they have demolished the original church building and are in the middle of constructing a new meeting place. The only problem is they have no place to meet during the five months of construction. The leadership of their youth group came up with a unique solution to the problem: They've temporarily formed a mobile youth ministry. Each Saturday, in place of their normal meeting schedule, they travel to a sister church and help conduct the youth meeting with the other church. It requires a bit of planning, and can be challenging since they have to depend on public transportation. Last night they came to conduct our church's youth meeting. We had a huge crowd of young people and the meeting went great. It was a real example to our teens. They were able to see how these kids worked together to serve the Lord. They had planned special music, games, activities and a Bible message. It was also good for our young people to see that there are other Christians scattered throughout the city. Everyone really enjoyed the fellowship. Next month we hope to have them return and our group will direct the meeting.

We also have challenges as a church because of our small meeting place. Yet, it reminds us that the church is much more than a building. A truly strong church is not made up of four walls and a ceiling. It's a group of godly people bonding together to serve the Lord and grow together. It looks like there's one mobile youth group out there that's already learned that lesson!