Birthday Party turned Bible Study

Yesterday was an especially busy day. There were Bible lessons to prepare, a sermon to finish up, choruses to type into PowerPoint for church, and paper work to finish. There was also a program and afternoon picnic at Elizabeth's school. Then there was a planning meeting with our national pastor, not to mention an appointment to have the non-working fan on our computer replaced. It was one of those days with lots of necessary busy work but nothing real exciting on the docket. I was on the go from sunrise until 9:00 p.m. About 2 minutes after kicking my shoes off and reclining in the den for the evening the doorbell rang. It was our neighbor from the first floor. They were inviting us to a birthday party that would be starting in a few minutes. So I helped tuck the girls into bed and headed downstairs. Within a few minutes I had been introduced to a room full of strangers. I was a bit of a novelty as the only foreigner present. Everyone in the room stopped talking and wanted to know all about the American neighbor that lives upstairs. Within a minute everyone knew I was a missionary and then the questions started coming. "Why did you choose to move to Peru when we all want to go to the United States? What do you believe about the Bible? Do you believe that Mary was really a virgin? What do you all actually teach at your church?" The questions went on and on. Then like music to a missionary's ears one man asked, "So how do you believe man can make it to heaven?" I was able to clearly present the Gospel to those present. They were very attentive and polite. It was interesting to see God turn an ordinary adult birthday party into a Bible study! I hope I was able to plant a seed in the lives of the folks there last night.

I couldn't help but realize how God had opened up yet another opportunity for us here in Peru. These particular neighbors are rarely at home. We've never been able to talk to them clearly about why we are in Peru. Now they know! Earlier I had dreaded going down for the last minute birthday party. It sure wasn't what I had planned for my evening. In the end I see it was just another divine appointment planned by God.