Difficult Questions

Today while out visiting around the church we met a friendly neighbor. He was very thankful to receive a Gospel tract and wanted to know if we had time to talk. (This is always music to the ears of a missionary or pastor!) He said he had an important Bible question if we would be willing to wait while he went inside for his personal Bible. We of course agreed and stood in front of his house as he disappeared inside. He returned with a compact Bible. I was wondering what tough doctrine he might want to discuss. He then asked, "Why are some Bibles smaller than others? Are they all the same? My Bible seems small, has someone tried to alter God's Word?" It turned out to be an easy question to answer. He was not speaking about different Bible versions or various translations of the Bible. He simply wanted to know why his copy was thinner than ours. We explained that some Bibles are larger than others because they are printed on thicker paper or perhaps have a larger font. Others are designed to be compact so they can easily be carried about. He was content with our answer and was pleased to know he didn't have an adulterated copy of the Bible!

We often meet people in the streets that have difficult questions. Many want help for serious problems that have come their way. We are thankful that we have the answers as we study and learn more of God's Word. Each day we see so many people that are lost and looking for hope for their lives. How sad that most haven't heard the true message of the Gospel. May we be faithful to share God's message with those around us.