Yesterday was a big day here in Peru. Many of Peru's school children headed back to school. The schools got an unusually early start to the school year. Some years the schools start as late as April and we were caught a little off guard! You see, yesterday was also the scheduled first day for our "Vacation Bible School!" When we found out about the school calendar it was too late to make a change. We decided to make our VBS late in the afternoon and pray for a good turnout. I guess we could call it "After Vacation Bible School."

We were pleased with a strong attendance for the first day of 25 kids. They were happy to be at the church, and even happier to hear we'd be there every day this week. Several commented that it was great to get to go to school and Bible school in the same day! It's a blessing to see their excitement. Please pray that we can continue to impact the lives of these children. We hope to win this neighborhood for Christ, starting with the youngsters. We'll let you know how the week goes.