What is it?

This past Saturday we had the joy of taking 22 young people from our church on a little outing. We didn't travel far, only about 15 minutes from our church, but it was a real treat for many of these youngsters. We planned a special "field day" at Fetzer Academy, the MK school where Elizabeth attends school. We had games, activities, and a Bible lesson. We also had a campfire where we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. We felt like the afternoon was a success when they begged to stay longer at the end of the day.

The day was filled with many "firsts" for some of the teens. Many of them had never traveled in an air-conditioned car. It was fun listening to their comments about the trip over in our new van. On the way home the evening air was cool but they insisted that the air-conditioning be blowing full blast. Only one of them had ever eaten a marshmallow, and no one ever dreamed of roasting one over a fire. They gathered around in amazement as I plunged mine into the flames. "Is it sweet? Do you eat it? What is it?" were only a few of the questions asked about the marshmallows. Next time we may have to introduce them to smores.

God has blessed us with a great group of young people. We hope that we will see many of them saved and walking with the Lord. We pray that they will be future leaders in the church that God has allowed us to start in Vina Alta.