"Is it alright if I come?"

This past week has been exciting as we continue to see positive results from our medical campaign. On Sunday a 15 year old girl came to the church during our children's hour. She was very friendly but was obviously uncomfortable being there with the little kids. I greeted her and she clearly wanted to talk. "Is it alright if I come here even though I am Catholic?" She asked. I assured her that she was welcome and we would be happy to show her what we believe from the Bible. She went on to say that she, along with many others in the neighborhood were impressed that we had organized the medical campaign. "We couldn't believe you opened up your doors for people that haven't ever been to your church. I didn't think I would be welcome. I want to come to a place like this where people are so kind." She also asked when we would be starting a class for teenagers her age. It was exciting news coming from a young teenager. We trust the seed planted in her life will grow and we can encourage her to continue coming. It is great to see the church gaining a positive image in the area.