Today's View from Peru: The Climb

We enjoy living on the top floor of a three story apartment building. We enjoy the good views, the fresh breezes, and the added touch of security. Many of our visitors notice that we are in good shape when we make it to the stop of the stairs quickly. But our apartment isn't the only place where we constantly climb stairs. Vina Alta, where we are starting our new church, is perched on the edge of a steep mountain ridge. The homes are literally built right into the rocky slope. Most of the homes are only accessible by foot and by using many, many stairs!

I couldn't figure out why my legs were so sore after our visitation days. Then I began to realize that we spent many hours climbing steps and standing on a steep slant while talking to people. I guess we have the blessing of exercise as we visit door-to-door. It is a pleasure to climb steps searching for souls that need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.