A Lesson in Patience

It is with great frustration that I write today's post. We are still waiting on our tags to arrive so we can legally drive our car. We were allowed to drive a few days on "exhibition tags" but that ended a week ago. It is difficult to function without our car. Lots of money gets wasted on taxi fares. Plus we are losing lots of valuable time waiting on taxis and buses. I do realize this is indeed a good lesson in patience. I am just not enjoying the lesson!

In Peru, all cars have an owners card. This owners card is basically like the title for the car and remains with the car at all times. Each new car gets tags that stay with the car for the life of the car. Sometimes the owners card is available first and then there is a delay on getting the tags. We haven't received either yet. We have heard of a place that makes wooden tags that look exactly like the real thing. This would allow us to drive without the annoyance of being constantly stopped by the police. Plus, its legal!