VBS Day Three: Better be flexible

We had another great day today with the kids. We ended up with 36 children. We have learned to use every available space in our rented location. We found it easier to split the kids into two groups during part of the day to make teaching a little easier. Today when we arrived we noticed a huge tent, and lots of items being setup in the nearby park. We later discovered that a television commercial was being filmed on location. We wouldn't be able to use the park for our game time. We quickly reworked our schedule and went on with the program. We have learned that being missionaries does require flexibility! The children never realized anything had changed.

We are happy to see that the children are behaving better everyday and learning so much. We look forward to working with these kids in the days ahead as we try to reach them and their family with the good news of the Gospel. We have two more days of VBS to go! Keep us in your prayers.