Welcome to the Sick Ward

We've had a bit of a struggle this week in our home. It started with Elizabeth and has slowly made its rounds through the family. John is having some reoccuring problems, and Debbie is also struggling with some persistant unusual pain. We've had to put our health insurance to the test this month! Hopefully we will all be on the path to good health real soon. We would appreciate your prayers for good health at this time. We have some appointments tomorrow. We had to laugh when we heard the name of the gastroenterologist that was recommended: Dr. Barriga. (Barriga means "tummy" in Spanish!)

Daniel, our national co-worker is recovering well from his gall bladder surgery. His surgery was very delayed. He had to wait several months until a date was open with the insurance company. He should be back to normal real soon.

With so much sickness going around our home, I am waiting for someone to put up a sign that says "UNCLEAN" on our front door. It does make us feel thankful for the good health we have been blessed with. On a lighter note, we would encourage you to check out the girls website and see how their growing.