Below you'll find a couple of photos. They show what our church looks like. Perhaps not a beautiful sight compared to American churches, but beautiful to us. When we first found this location it was in terrible shape. The inside was filled with junk. The walls, floors, and ceiling were dirty and greasy. The outside was an eyesore. It was a bit hard to imagine a church could meet there, but we had hope. After a month of hard work, we have a presentable place to invite people to hear the life changing good news of Christ.

Actually the building could be an illustration of what we hope happens in Vina Alta. Most people in the world today are filled with junk. They have lives that are cluttered by the evils of sin. Their families, goals, and relationships are in desperate need of a makeover. Really mankind is an eyesore of sorts to a righteous and holy God. Yet, with the help of the Lord, lives can be renovated, repentance can take place and a new person can be made presentable to God.

We've finished cleaning up our church building for now. We hope starting Sunday that we can see the Lord cleaning up the lives of those that come for a visit. That would be the ultimate "Before and After" picture. We're thankful for how God brought that change about in our own lives. Please pray for us this Sunday. We'll begin our first service at 3:00 p.m. We'll let you know how it goes!