Almost "Open for Business"

"Do you really think your church will make money here?" This was the question we were asked recently by a neighbor. She assumed we were there to make money off of the offerings collected during church services. She was expecting us to also sell items from our store front location. She also assumed we had made investments in improving the building just to benefit our pocketbook. When we explained that we weren't there to make money she seemed a little surprised. We were able to share with her our true purpose in being there: To share the good news of the Gospel with her and all her neighbors. She wanted to know when we were "open for business!"

We plan to start our weekly services this Sunday afternoon. The building is clean and refurbished. The chairs have been purchased and are now in place. The sign was designed and made today. We are almost ready to go! In the next several days we will go door-to-door and invite everyone a second time. We are praying that we will have a full house.

Please pray as we plan the services. Pray for a good turnout. Pray that people will be open to the message and that we might see some folks saved.