Here in Peru the people don't have an "official" day to be thankful. Most Peruvians haven't even heard of our Thanksgiving feasts. But as missionaries we always enjoy getting together and spending the day being thankful. This year we hosted 22 people for the annual celebration. I guess we should be thankful that we have a dining room that will hold 22 people! We enjoyed all the traditional Thanksgiving favorites: Turkey, dressing, gravy, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, green been casserole, stuffed mushrooms, broccoli salad, gelatin salad, and everyone's favorite, nine different pies! The food was great and we all enjoyed our fill. In the afternoon we enjoyed a devotional time together and sang hymns and choruses.

It was indeed a day to be thankful. Yet, when we look at our lives and consider all of the blessings God has sent our way, everyday should be Thanksgiving Day!

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