Spring Cleaning

On Tuesday we finalized arrangements and now have keys to our new location. We have contacted an electrician that will help us install better lighting. We'll soon design a sign for the front and side of the building. We have lots to paint and freshen up. Tomorrow we will start the lovely job of cleaning. The building was last used as a restaurant, and the kitchen and bathroom are unbelievably dirty. (I'm glad I never had to eat in this place since I have seen the kitchen!) When all is said and done I think we will have a lovely place to meet. We'll post some pictures soon, perhaps after the kitchen is cleaned!

We had asked you all to pray about the legal status of starting a new church. After talking with a number of missionaries and neighbors, it appears we will not need to worry about this issue. The zoning would make legally opening a new church in this area of town almost impossible. Thankfully, nobody with the government is out checking to see that these laws are enforced. Basically things are set up to favor the Catholic Church. We don't anticipate any problems at this time and will proceed with our plans.

We appreciate your continued prayers now and in the days ahead!