The Good News and the Bad News

Let's start with the good news! This week, after spending a lot of time searching, praying and begging, we finally found a place to rent for the start of a mission work. We had resorted to knocking on every door of every home and business on the main streets asking if they had space for rent. Everything was totally full. Finally, when we had almost given up we were directed to a tiny secluded house. There we met the owner of a small store front location that is centrally located. After a few minutes of discussion we convinced him to get it ready to rent. We should have the keys in a few days! The location is highly visible, and on one of the busiest streets in the entire area. There is no way that anyone could possibly miss seeing our church once we get established and put up a sign. God provided us a wonderful place to start a ministry.

Now for the bad news: After finding the location we headed to the local municipality to check on the legal work required to legally open a church. We wanted to also find what requirements were necessary to put up a large sign. We spent 90 minutes going from one office to the next. We were directed to nearly every corner of the complex. We could never get a straight answer, but it appears that the zoning requirements make it almost impossible to legally open a church in La Molina, Lima, Peru. The land and building requirements are unbelievably strict. Yet, countless business, churches and clubs operate without these legal requirements. We want to do things the right way. Perhaps this is not necessary or possible. We did hear of one church that has been in place for 16 years. They never could get permission to be there.

Pray that God will make our paths clear when dealing with the local government. We want to avoid any issues that could hinder the work in the future. We want to do things right to maintain our testimony and be obedient to the wishes of the government. Take a moment and thank the Lord for His provision in finding a great location to rent.

We figure there really isn't any bad news to be worried with. This is just another way that God will show us that He is doing the work, He just lets us play a small part.