Here to Stay

Today while visiting door-to-door a man walking by smiled and said, "you all are here to stay, aren't you?" People have told us that the other religious groups come through occasionally but never come back. No real churches have ever been established in the community where we are now visiting. It's suprising because the people are friendly and open.

We continue to search for places to rent. We believe this could help us gain credibility with the people. So many have asked where they could come for a church service. Today, we were surprised when a very friendly lady offered to let us use a huge room in her house. The room is totally unfished and very primitive, but could at least give us a place to get started. She is ready to invite her friends already. When asked what she would charge for rent, she commented, "oh I couldn't charge you all, your here to help us."

We are in the process of making contact with community leaders in the area as well. They can give us the legal permission to hold outside events and campaigns. Continue to pray for open doors.