Have you ever seen God?

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the week is the 3-4 hours each day that we are spending going out and knocking on doors. I guess its true that "time flies when your having fun!"

Early this week a little girl ran up to us waving her hands in the air. "I have a question for you, have you ever seen God?" I went on to explain that I had not seen God with my own eyes, but that I know He exsists because I have seen His working around me. I then blew on her hand and asked if she could see my breath. She said, "No!" I then explained that even though she couldn't see my breath it truly did exsist. She smiled, commented "that's true!" and ran off skipping and smiling all the way. Another example of the child-like faith that God is looking for.

Another lady named Irene was very interested in what we had to say. We spent 15 minutes sharing the Gospel with her. She smiled and said, "I have listened to so many religions. This is the first time anything has ever touched my heart. This has to be the truth!" She invited us back and wants us to tell her again with her husband by her side.

Everyday people are hearing the Gospel. For most this is the first time they have ever heard about God's love and the hope they can have through Christ.