Beware of the Dog:

Yesterday while visiting I had a real scare. We had enjoyed talking with several people and it was nearly dark. I decided to climb a huge set of stairs to get a view of the sunset and the twinkling lights that were starting to come on across the valley below. The homes in this area are built right into the side of the steep mountainside. Without the steps, these homes would be impossible to reach. After climbing what seemed to be hundreds of steps, and nearly at the top, I saw a huge dog come bolting out of a home. He was running double time directly towards me. It scared me to death, he was jumping 5 steps at the time and would be on me in a matter of seconds. Thankfully, Daniel was a quick thinker and jumped towards the dog with a loud bark. The dog hesitated and gave me time to "escape!"

When I returned home, Debbie asked how our visiting went. I told her that it was fine, but that I was a little scared when I almost had my head bitten off. She was glad to hear it was only a lone dog, not the neighbors.

It continues to amaze us how so many people can be crammed into such a small area. The opportunities are truly endless. We continue to search for a place to rent. We have checked on signage and materials we will need when God provides a place to meet. Things are coming together well. So, its off to visit some more today. I'll be watching for the dogs!