What's going on in Peru?

Yesterday, while reading the local newspaper we were reminded once again of the great need here in Peru. "We must return to Mary" proclaimed the headline. It seems the Pope issued a decree recently that the Catholic church needs to return to a great emphasis on the Virgin Mary. He commented that the church's members can gain close access to God through her. What a sad commentary on this country when this statement makes the front page of the newspaper.

Thankfully, God is at work. We have seen interest in our ministry everyday. We are hearing reports of God working in Lima and throughout the country.

We've had a busy week. That explains the delay in updating the Blog. We have met with a Peruvian couple that is interested in working with us in the church planting ministry. We met with them for several hours and were excited to see that they have many of our same ideas and plans. We believe this could be the workers we have been praying for! We've prayed for a national pastor to work with us for a long time. The young man asked us about other churches in the area, especially cult groups. When we explained that there were none, he was excited and said, "God has preserved this area for this ministry."

We continue to use the surveys as an ice breaker. We've talked to many people and overall the people see the need for a church in their area. Many are interested in religion and many are discontent with the Catholic church. We continue to pray, visit, share tracts, and make our presence known in the area. Please pray that God will bring fruit and that we can see the early stages of a church ministry going soon. Don't forget to visit our girls! (Oh, and we'll try to keep the Blog updated a little better!)