"Get out of here!"

"Get out of here, this is a Catholic neighborhood, we don't want you..." These were the words shouted to us by a drunk elderly man as he walked down the narrow street in Viña Alta. Another home had a sign posted on the door: "We have our religion, we don't want to hear about yours...Please don't insist that we listen." The sign also displayed an image of the Virgin Mary. Thankfully, these expressions don't reflect the attitude and overall feelings of most of those living in Viña Alta.

We've been very pleased with the reception we have received. Almost everyone has been willing to talk with us. We have had several people ask us to return and talk to their entire family. One lady asked if we would come do a community Bible study, and yet another asked when the church would open. We are spending at least three hours each day witnessing in the streets and going door-to-door. We continue to believe this area is ready for the Gospel. The influence of the Catholic church is strong. We will have to work a long time to show God' s love to this community.

We have been invited to conduct two home Bible studies this week. The majority of those that will attend live within a few blocks of our apartment. Doors of opportunity continue to be flying open! Pray that we will be effective in our service for the Lord.