Dead End Streets = Open Opportunities

We continue to seek out contacts in the area known as Viña Alta. Many of the area residents came to this neighborhood looking for a new life. Many started as "squatters." They moved onto property owned by the agriculture school. As more and more families joined them the community grew. (Even though they didn't legally have any right to the land.) Eventually they were granted titles to the small plots where they had settled. Today it is a small, but growing community. It is seemingly a tiny oasis in the middle of the busy metropolis of Lima. The people are friendly and open to us as we visit and talk with them.

We have found that walking the narrow streets of Viña Alta is the easiest way to get around. The community is sandwiched between the mountain ridge and the agriculture school. Most of the streets are dead ends. There is no place to turn around, there is no way to navigate the neighborhood easily in a car. A neighborhood with lots of "dead ends."

We have realized that all of those dead-end streets are actually open opportunities for us. Thousands of people make this little community their home. Thousands of people that have no church nearby. People that have never clearly heard the Gospel message. People that have no hope for eternity. It's truly an open opportunity because we live just a short walking distance away. May God help us as we endeavor to take the Gospel to those who've never heard.