¿Hablas Español?

This coming Sunday should be interesting. We will have the priviledge of taking part in the one year anniversary service at a newly started Hispanic church in Hickory, NC. John will be speaking. This will be the first time we have ministered in Spanish in a long time. We try to use our Spanish as often as possible, but of course we will be a bit rusty.

We are looking forward to the services. It should also get us one step closer to being prepared for our return to Peru. August 1st is coming quickly! As always, keep us in your prayers!

UPDATE: Yesterday's meetings in Hickory went great. We had a lovely time meeting lots of new folks and seeing the growing church. We were once again immersed in Spanish and did quite well. It was exciting to sing and preach again in Spanish. We even met a couple of people from Peru which was an added bonus. The day ended with a piñata for the children. Elizabeth was happy to take part with her new latin-american friends. We don't feel quite as "rusty" now with our Spanish. "¡Hasta la proxima!"