Now is the time to Pray!

We've been asking you for several weeks to pray for the elections in Peru. The elections will be held this Sunday, April 9th. We are trusting that the events that take place will be calm, and peaceful. We trust that God will leave the door wide-open for the Gospel to continue being preached in Peru.

Ollanta Humala now leads the polls in the presidential race by more than 5 percentage points. Humala is often compared to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. They are close friends and both distrust a free-market economy. Humala has been called by many a "modern day Robin Hood" His plans for helping the poor are exciting to the 54% of the citizens that live on less than $1.25 a day.

Members of Humala's family are calling for a Marxist revolution in Peru. His brother, now in prision in Peru for trying to overthrow the current government has called for Peru's current president and all 120 members of the current congress to be executed! To say he is "anti-American" would perhaps be an understatement.

Perhaps the most troubling news is found in other recent political polls. It found that 60 percent of Peruvians claim to not know what democracy is. 87 percent said they were not satisfied with democracy.

Pray that God will work in Peru this Sunday, Election Day. We want to go back this summer and continue unhindered in our ministry there.