"Church Planting" in Surry, VA

This past weekend we enjoyed traveling to a newly started church in tiny Surry, VA. Community Baptist Church was started when a group of believers got together and wanted to reach their neighbors with the Gospel. You see, until the church was started there was not a single Baptist Church in the entire county! That is probably hard for most of us to imagine. I know many towns in the south have hundreds of Baptist churches. It seems we have a place to worship on every corner! We are truly blessed that way.

Our family travels all the way to Lima, Peru to start churches where folks don't have the opportunity to hear the good news of the Bible. Yet, right here in Virginia, there are folks that may not have heard. It was a real blessing to see church planting in action here in our own country. God has blessed the church and their numbers are increasing. It will be a blessing to see what God does in the future at this church. I hope hearing news like this will be a challenge to us all. You don't have to go overseas to an exotic foreign land to share the Gospel. Maybe our neighbors are the next mission field!