Better Keep Praying!

We have written several posts lately about the upcoming elections in Peru. It seems the political climate in Peru changes everyday! One week a seemingly crazy future dictator is leading in the polls, the next week a former comedian. It is hard to imagine what will finally happen when election day rolls around. We do think it is important that our friends and supporters keep praying. There is still potential for problems when April arrives.

One of our coworkers recently wrote us, "Everyone is concerned about the election. This one guy Ollanta Humala is kind of left wing and is hanging around with some other presidents from Latin America who are against the USA and foreigners in general. In Bolivia they are already starting to take away properties that belong to foreigners. If that happens here we will lose our homes, school, camp, seminary and lots of churches. It is scary. Pray for a stable new president to be elected in April."

A Peruvian friend wrote and said, "I am sure you know about the upcoming elections. It is nearly time to select our next president. One guy, named Ollanta is popular. Hopefully he will not win, he doesn't like gringos. We know God knows all these things."

We are some of those "gringos" that this potential leader doesn't like. Please continue to pray for the upcoming elections and the stability of Peru. There is much work left to be done in Lima and throughout the country!