Peruvian Politics

Have you ever found yourself doubting the integrity of our political system? Ever wondered if there were any honest politicians left? Consider the current political situation in Peru:

Elections will be taking place in Peru on April 9th. There are a record 2880 candidates running for congress. There are only 120 seats open! These candidates represent more than 25 different political parties. Candidates include a former cheerleader, a comedian, and a cross-dresser. One candidate claims to be running because, "congress is a good way to make money..." Another claimed to be qualified because, "Everyone in congress is a freeloader..."

Perhaps money is the only motivation for many of the candidates. Peru's congress members receive about $8000 a month in compensation. The nation's minimum wage is only $137 per month. The popular comedian running for congress believes he has a place, "Because the Congress is a total circus, the lawmakers are clowns. Half will go to jail, the other half are stealing." He promises to "take seriously the congress we are now forming."

Analysts believe the strange field of candidates stems from frustration with the corruption in Peru's political system. The thousands of candidates for congress seem small compared to the presidential race. Only 21 candidates made it on the presidential ballot. As usual we ask you pray for the upcoming elections. Pray that Peru will stay open to missions and the spread of the Gospel.