Pray for Peru

Peru is once again in the news because of an unusual political situation. Peru has had an unstable political climate for decades. In 2000, former President Alberto Fujimori left the country to seek exile in Japan. Ever since this time the Peruvian government has tried to have him returned to Peru for trial on several charges of corruption. Fujimori has always denied these charges. Fujimori was able to end the terrorism that plagued Peru for years, he was also able to improve the economy unlike any other president in the nations history. However, he was suspected of corruption and human rights violations during part of his almost dictatorial reign in office.

Fujimori has just been arrested and will probably face charges in Peru. He is seeking to run as President in the upcoming elections. He has thousands of supporters that are hoping to see the charges dropped and this once great leader returned to office. Peru's future seems uncertain at this time as the election approaches. Please pray that God will keep this mission field open and that peace will continue to reign in our mission field.