A Reminder of the Need

Tonight we had the privilege of meeting and chatting with a Peruvian man here in North Carolina. He was amazed to find that we live there most of the time and that we love his homeland. He went on to tell us of his relatives that still live in Lima. He then asked if we could go start a church in his former neighborhood. He told us that "there are Catholics, Mormons, and many other groups but no Bible teaching Baptists." He said that they would give us a building for a church if we would go to start one there. He was disappointed to hear we wouldn't return until next summer. He commented, "You are needed there, you are needed there now!" Unfortunately, Lima is a huge city, and we live nearly 2 hours from where his family is located. It was just another reminder of the urgency of the great need that exists in Lima, Peru. We simply need more missionaries.

Perhaps God could use you in Lima. Would you consider the great need? Will you remember those words we just heard tonight: "You are needed there, you are needed there now!"