Time for an update!

It is amazing how a tiny little baby that seems to be sleeping all the time can consume so much of our time and energy! Yet, we are enjoying every second with our new little Olivia. For now, we will use her as our excuse for not updating the BLOG this week. (She's young and can't defend herself anyway!)

The family is doing great. Olivia continues to grow. We can see visible weight gain and changes taking place in her tiny little body. Last week the doctor told us she was doing well and had gained half-a-pound. Her feeding has improved and she is eating more quickly now, which is a blessing during the night. Debbie has completely recovered from the C-section. She was nearly back at 100 percent in one week! I am amazed at her ability to recover so quickly. Elizabeth continues to enjoy being a big-sister. She is doing great at pre-school and enjoying all her new friends and activities there.

We were greatly blessed this week by special services at our church here in NC. The week started off great with dozens of visitors. I am happy to post that nine people trusted Christ as their Savior. Four young people dedicated their lives to full time Christian service. Many others made important decisions during each service. We are praying that it will be a time of continued revival in our home church. It is exciting to be a part of this type of meeting during our furlough time. It was a tremendous encouragement to us all.

Tomorrow we hit the road to begin visiting churches again. This weekend we will be in a church in Salem, Virginia. We will be presenting our ministry to these folks for the first time. We always appreciate your prayers as we seek to promote missions, and recruit others for the needy mission fields of the world.

We'll look forward to being back on the BLOG real soon! Thanks to all of you that check in often. Leave a comment, and let us know your praying. It helps us to know God's people are praying.