Less than a week!

You have probably noticed that we have not been making daily updates to our BLOG. We realize that time is going fast and there is much to be done. Obviously, the BLOG is the last thing on our mind to attend to!

We have managed to better secure our home. Some extra locks were added to the doors and things should be safe. (We live in Fort Knox South!) Someone to check in and clean the home have been set up. We have made arrangements for the service and storage of our car. We have scheduled disconnection of our telephone service, internet service, etc. We have finished preparing our last week of classes, and we are working on grade averages, and making final exams to leave behind. Plus, there is presentations to develop, messages to prepare and final lessons for church to finish studying! Not to mention, paying bills, packing, and a two page "to-do list" that we haven't really started.

We have a goal to have everything "finished" by this Friday so we can try to relax a little during our last weekend of this term in Peru. And to think, we thought we were busy during a normal month! Please keep us in your prayers in the days ahead. Especially Tuesday as we travel. We will try to update the blog again before we leave, assuming our internet service is not disconnected early!