Classes Cancelled!

Our school classes had to be cancelled today. I thought I would never be saying this in Lima, Peru, but they were cancelled because of flooding!

When arriving at school this morning we realized that something was terribly wrong. The second floor classrooms were totally flooded with water and even more water continued to leak through the ceilings. A quick examination found the problem. There was a broken float in the water tank that sits on top of the school building. For several hours the tank pump had continued to run and basically flooded the entire roof of the building with water. Slowly but surely all of the water was seeping through the roof.

We managed to clean the water off the roof, and mop up the standing water, but it will continue to leak through the ceilings for much of the day. The high school section of the school was totally unusable, so classes had to be cancelled. I have to admit I felt much like a liberated student today thinking "good, no classes!" So, I will spend the extra time continuing to prepare for our furlough. I guess I never thought I would miss classes for flooding at Fetzer!