A Change for this Weekend

This weekend we will not be working in the Ate-Vitarte church. Instead we will be visiting some of our co-workers in a part of Lima called Manchay. Manchay is called a "pueblo joven" (meaning young town). About 4 million of Lima's residents live in this type of environment. These parts of town have no water or sewer. Most homes are shacks made up of scrap materials. Manchay now has 70,000 residents and is growing daily. City officials believe it could be one of the largest districts of Lima within ten years. As you can see in the photo, Manchay is totally located in a desert.

Several churches have been started in Manchay but the need is still great. Sadly, the Mormons, Jehova's Witnesses and Catholics have had a major influence already in this area. Each of these groups have highly-visible, strategic locations.

This is another one of the areas where we have been asked to go to start a church when we return to Peru. We visited Manchay during our first week in Peru and have had a burden for these people ever since. Will you pray that God will provide more workers to help spread the Gospel in this spiritually needy area? Also pray that God will bless our little "survey visit" this weekend as we consider where God wants us in the future.