Amazing Discovery in Peru

Recently paleontologists in Peru discovered the ancient fossil of a previously unknown squid.  The specimen is over a foot long and more than 2 inches in diameter.  The scientists claim the animal lived over 85 million years ago.  The most interesting fact is that the fossil was found hundreds of miles from the ocean at over 13,000 feet in the high jungle of Peru.  One paleontologist said, "At the site a sort of salt water lake had formed that allowed these creatures to evolve independently."    They claim this squid would have existed in the final days of the dinosaurs. 

I am reminded of something our pastor used to always say, "When the plain sense makes common sense, seek no other sense."  Paleontologists will spend years trying to explain how a sea-squid ended up hundreds of miles from the ocean on top of a mountain.  They'll assume an unknown salt sea just happened to flow over this part of Peru.  As a Bible-believer I think there is an easier explanation.   Genesis 7:20 describes how the flood waters were so great that even the world's mountains were covered.  Wouldn't it be possible that this sea squid made it to this little corner of Peru during the flood?  Fossils of every imaginable shape and size can be found throughout Peru's mountainous regions.  I personally have found ocean-life fossils at high altitudes many miles from the ocean in Peru.  It just seems to be more proof of what Christians already believe.