Possible Property

This corner lot would make an ideal permanent location for our church.

Our regular blog readers will remember that on a number of occassions we have asked you to pray that we will be able to find a larger permanent meeting place. We would like to be able to eventually purchase the property that you see in the above photo. (Click on the picture for a larger view!) You will notice that our current rented location is the building directly behind this front corner lot. It would be the most visible lot in the entire neighborhood. Every person coming or going from the area would easily see our building. As an added bonus very little is constructed on the lot. This would reduce the cost of tearing down a larger building and paying to haul off the rubble. We know of many churches in Lima that are on lots that are even smaller. We would eventually be able to build a three story building on the property. The lot is not currently being advertised for sale. We are in the process of making a proposal to the family that owns the lot. Pray that we will be able to take steps to buy this lot if it's the Lord's will.