Where are your Umbrellas?

This past week we experienced a rather strange phenomenon here in the desert. It rained! Earlier in the year we were warned that El Niño weather patterns could lead to sporadic rain along the coast. I had to chuckle when I read the local newspaper and saw the headline: "Intense rains to possibly continue throughout the summer." Those "intense" rain showers probably amounted to just enough rain to get the ground wet. Needless to say nobody we know owns an umbrella or rain jacket. In a good year we usually get a total annual rainfall of about 4/10 of an inch.

Last week's rain reminded me of an interesting story. I once heard the tale of a preacher that began his sermon by saying, "Brethren and sisters, here you are coming to pray for rain. I'd just like to ask one question: Where are your umbrellas?" Many times we go to God in prayer with a seemingly impossible request. We mention our requests at church prayer meeting, we share them by email and we mumble some words at family prayer time. But, do we really expect God to hear our prayer? Do we really think He can work out all of the little details in our lives?

As missionaries we constantly ask people to pray. We send out prayer letter updates and email reports. We even have this blog to keep people "in-the-know." We've learned that our prayer warriors are our most important support group. We really do believe in the power of prayer! Are you praying for your missionaries? Do you really belive God can answer your prayers? Next time you're asked to pray you might just want to ask yourself, "Where is my umbrella?"