White as Snow

A Peruvian scientist believes he has the answer to stop the melting of Peru's glaciers. A paint bucket! As the glaciers melt they leave behind a darker colored landscape of brown and black. This darker soil generates more heat and therefore accelerates the melting of the ice. The scientist, Eduardo Gold, plans to use a non-chemical paint made with a base of natural lime. Studies have already shown that the lighter color slows the melting of ice by lowering the surface temperature near the glacier. Some have suggested that "crop duster" planes could be used to paint large areas quickly. Gold's group is working to receive funding from the World Bank and hopes to employ as many as 15,000 people for the project. Peru's glaciers have already lost over 30 percent of their surface over the last 30 years.

Painting rooftops in New York City has already proven to lower building temperatures. Yet, I'm not sure that painting the mountaintops of Peru will end global warming. I have to admit I admire them for trying! Our lives are a bit like those melting mountaintops: Darkened by the consequences of sin. It seems the more we live in sin the deeper we fall into its stronghold. Yet, Scripture shows where God provides forgiveness and a spiritually "white-washing." I'm reminded of Psalm 51:7, Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. In this passage David is asking to be forgiven of his sins. Hyssop was used in religious ceremonies to sprinkle blood on the alter. It pointed to the sacrifice that Christ would make on the cross. I'm not planning on painting any mountains in Peru any time soon, but I am glad we can share the Gospel that can truly transform lives and leave people "whiter than snow!"