Stay Focused!

Yesterday I had a humorous experience that reminded me of the importance of staying focused. We took our group of visitors, from Canton Baptist Temple, on a city tour for their final day in Lima. We wanted them to get a glimpse of some of Lima's tourist attractions and historic sites. We took the tour on the now famous "Mirabus" a double-decker bus that has an open top. The views are great as you travel down the cities streets. At the beginning of the tour we were warned to watch out for low signs, tree branches and electric lines. On several occassions we had to duck to avoid low clearances. Each time I had plenty of time to stoop down and avoid any low hanging obstacles. However, 45 minutes into the tour someone asked me a question and I took my eyes off the road. I looked to my side for several minutes as I answered a question. Suddenly, "whack!" I was nailed in the forehead by a telephone cable that crossed the street. I sported a handsome red stripe across my forehead for the next hour. Of course the group of high schoolers were especially amused by my little experience! I was just happy it wasn't a live electric wire or stop-light!

I can't help but see a spiritual application from my little run in with the phone line: We all need to stay focused. Often in life we get distracted, we lose sight of what is important and we take our eyes off of Christ. When we do were destined for problems. How many Christians have started off strong but have fallen along the way when they lost track of what was really most important in life. May we all keep our eyes on the Lord and finish well as we serve Him!

By the way, you can look for a full trip report from the Canton Team soon!