What could I do?

Have you ever considered taking a short-term missions trip? It could be a life-changing experience for you as you see how God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Often folks hesitate taking a trip because they don't know how they might be used. They also worry about the language barrier. But you can be used on a trip right here in Peru!

As our regular blog readers know, we are currently hosting a ministry team. Not a single member of the team speaks Spanish, yet, they've been able to be a big help to our ministry. What could I do on a missions trip to Peru? Here are just a few ideas:
  • Puppet shows- Our group used a pre-recorded story today and the children were able to hear a very clear presentation of the Gospel. The children were attentive as they listened. As an added bonus the kids think the puppets are great!
  • Object Lessons- Each member of our current team came prepared with a brief object lesson. These lessons use an ordinary object to teach a spiritual truth or lesson. Of course they speak and we translate for them. It is an easy way that anyone can teach and the kids enjoy seeing new people stand before them in a teaching environment.
  • Games- Games might not sound real spiritual, but they can be used as a way to draw children into the church. Our groups often come prepared with games. We will use these games at the beginning of a Bible club to draw attention and gather a crowd. The kids also enjoy the added attention they receive. Most of the kids around our church aren't able to spend much time with their parents. They crave attention, and group members can really show the love of Christ by simply playing, interacting, and sharing some time with the youngsters.
  • Special Projects- There is always work to be done. During down-times we greatly appreciate the assistance of our groups. Our current group has helped us clean the church and scrub all of our chairs. They helped make illustrated choruses that we use with our children. They have also stamped information on a huge number of tracts. Some might consider this "busy work" but it is work that is necessary in our ministry. There is always work to be done!
  • Tract Distribution- Visiting groups can do a great job of distributing literature. Many seeds have been planted using Gospel Tracts. Our groups can be taught a few simple phrases so that they can go out and hand out tracts to people in the streets. Often we use groups to pass out information about upcoming special events. It is certainly true that "many hands make light work" when handing out tracts.
  • Testimonies- It is a real blessing to have people come and share their testimony. Our new converts need to hear about how God has worked in the lives of others. Visitors can share their testimony and be an encouragement to many. Of course, this requires a translator, but is simple since the time frame is usually short.
  • Use of Special Talents or Skills- We've seen visitors that could juggle, paint faces, make balloon animals, dress up like clowns, and do magic tricks. We've had musicans play their instruments to attract attention. Even an artist that draws to teach a Bible message. God can use your unusual talent or skill on the mission field. Often language is not a barrier.
  • Sports- We've seen were sports can help bring others to Christ. Often, teens will approach a group of visitors to play soccer that they otherwise wouldn't have spoken with. We've seen young men brought to Christ because of the godly testimony of visitors willing to take time to play a quick game.
Nearly every time we have a group we see folks saved. Perhaps you think you can't be used on the mission field. We think you can be used! Pray and ask God what He might have you to do. Perhaps you might consider planning a visit to work with us in Peru. As you can see we've got lots for you to do.

Heard of other mission trip ideas? Leave a comment. We'd love to hear your ideas on how short-termers can be used for the Lord!